I’m Paul Rissen.

I’m currently the Product Manager for the RES Project.

My aim is to improve society through increased understanding and acceptance of different viewpoints, through better journalism as well as within fan communities around fiction, music and sport – particularly through the use of Web and other technologies.

In other words:

I guess what I'm really interested in is: how we shape our history in communities of interest, where multiple interpretations are permitted. Not resolving definitively how things were, but celebrating the different ideas - leaving gaps to allow even more new ideas to emerge - and how we do that through popular culture and the narratives around it.

A mini-tweet storm trying to encapsulate what my underlying passion is.

I believe that the value of structured data lies not just in using it as something to search over, but that it gives us hooks upon which we can congregate our differing views of the world, as well as powering more useful, semantic user experiences.

I believe in the vision of the Web as a hyperlinked store of human knowledge, and as a medium itself – but I am pragmatic about making it happen. I believe it’s possible to build small, successful things which also contribute to a longer-term goal.

I specialise in product management, structured data, am an advocate for open (and linked) data, agile development, user experience, information architecture and progressive enhancement/adaptive design.

I also teach, speak about the Web as a creative medium ( best explained in my closing plenary at World IA Day 2016, available on Youtube), dabble in Python, Flask and RDF/TTL, and write in my spare time – both fiction and non-fiction.

And for the record, I’m a fan of Chelsea FC, and Doctor Who.

If you want to get in contact, you can email r4isstatic at outlook dot com, or get in touch with me through Twitter.

Here’s some things I’ve written recently. There’s also my newsletter, Write Like Nobody’s Reading, which goes out on a very infrequent basis, and my Tumblr, where I mainly collect quotes and links of interest to me, but occasionally write things there, too.