I’m Paul Rissen. I’m currently a Data Architect for BBC News Online, but I also teach, speak about the Web as a creative medium, dabble in Python, Flask and RDF/TTL, and write in my spare time – both fiction and non-fiction.

I specialise in structured data, am an advocate for open (and linked) data, agile development, user experience, information architecture and progressive enhancement/adaptive design.

My main area of interest is in narrative and its’ application on the fundamental building blocks of the Web – URIs, hyperlinks and REST. I believe in the vision of the Web as a hyperlinked store of human knowledge, and as a medium itself – but I am pragmatic about making it happen. I believe it’s possible to build successful things which also contribute to a longer-term goal.

I also love Chelsea FC, and Doctor Who.

Here’s some things I’ve written recently. There’s also my newsletter, Write Like Nobody’s Reading, which you can have delivered straight to your email inbox – it’s short pieces of fiction, (almost) every day.


  • 6th January: The ‘S’ Word, a rant about the over-use of the word ‘storytelling’, an attempt at a definition, and a plea to concentrate on what makes it really interesting.



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