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Upcoming Events – Immersive, Playful & Complicity

Excuse the slight self-promotion, but I thought this would as good a time as any to let anyone reading know that I’ll be speaking at two events in the near future.

Firstly, the Immersive Writing Lab, on August 20th and 21st, at Ravensbourne College, next door to the o2. Here, I’ll be talking about how writers can be inspired by the ideas behind the Web, how they can create more compelling experiences online, and some possible future directions for the mechanics of Web storytelling.

Secondly, Playful ’11, on the 21st October, at Conway Hall. There, I’ll be talking more concretely about Linked Data and games – and how we can perhaps have a little more fun with it all.

Finally, I’d like to point you all in the direction of Complicity, a one day workshop/masterclass led by Alexis Kennedy (he of Echo Bazaar & Failbetter Games) & Emily Short. It looks very interesting, especially the part about structure and architecture. On a related note, this post by Alexis (taken from his talk at The Story last year, which was excellent), has got me thinking – both about narrative structures/patterns, and especially the idea of ‘fires in the desert’. Go and have a read, and maybe I’ll get around to writing something more about it soon…