About Myself and this Website
r4isstatic.com is the personal website of Paul Rissen.

I’m currently a Product Manager for Springer Nature (since September 2016).

I am available for freelance work, including consultancy, workshops, teaching and writing. If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch by leaving a comment below, or via Twitter.

I specialise in Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Linked Data and the Semantic Web, the latter with particular interest in narrative. I design Webs, and aim to tell stories with data, and make data from stories.

My LinkedIn profile

Before 2013, I joined Siemens’ Business Intelligence & Media Data team as the first Graduate Consultant in October 2006, and then in October 2008 I moved to the BBC’s User Experience & Design team, initially embedded within the Audio & Music department, moving on to work in the UX team on Knowledge & Learning, GEL, Travel News and BBC News amongst other activities.

I studied History at University College London, and afterwards gained a MSc in Information Systems from the University of Brighton.

What I do
I’m a practitioner of Domain Driven Design. Essentially, this is about combining user research and subject matter expertise to produce websites that are elegantly structured to meet user needs. This includes domain modelling, URL design and other necessary UX deliverables – though, the most important deliverable will always be the end product.

More about the Domain Driven Design approach

A presentation about Domain Driven Design

I can design and build Linked Data ontologies in RDF/N3 (more detail about the ontologies I’ve created) and provide general consultancy in this area, as well as designing good web architecture.

I believe in multidisciplinary teams, working closely alongside Product Managers, Interaction & Visual Designers, and, of course, Developers. Rather than working in silos on separate deliverables, a shared understanding of the domain of a product, together with working on the same functionality, produces great work.

I’ve worked in, secured funding for, and led teams, focusing especially on linked data and narrative, and have spoken on these subjects (as well as providing general UX consultancy) at the BBC, the Guardian, Playful, Hacks & Hackers and several others. I’ve also been a key advocate of working across disciplines and with academic partners. This blog contains many blog posts about my philosophy, approach and ideas in progress.

Current Employment
Although I currently work for the BBC, the views and opinions expressed on this site are not those of the BBC themselves. Whilst the majority of the posts on this blog are to do with the areas of interest outlined above, it’s also my personal blog, so might include more general musings on life, the universe and everything.

All content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, which means you are free to copy, distribute, adapt and transmit my work so long as you attribute the work (link back to my blog), don’t use it for commercial purposes and distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one. (This paragraph itself borrowed from Tom Scott’s derivadow.com)

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  2. csabaveres

    Hi Paul, I watched your connected-data presentation and enjoyed it very much. I am an associate professor in Bergen, Norway, and I develop applications with linked data. My department is also involved in a big new project, Media City Bergen.
    I just started looking at the RES website and I am keen to try it out. I will be visiting London for a couple of weeks soon, and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about using RES in my applications, and about your experiences at the BBC. I visited the BBC some time ago after meeting Yves at a conference, and would love to renew contact. I guess I can leave my email here and hope it isn’t harvested by spammers: csaba.veres@uib.no
    Also a link to a relevant iOS app:
    please email me if you are able to meet!

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