Since I started full-time employment in October 2006, I’ve worked on several projects, summarised here:

BBC iPlayer
During the year before iPlayer was launched, I worked as a consultant domain modeller, overseeing the development of the iPlayer Data Model, ensuring that the various teams across the BBC working on iPlayer were able to synchronise their understanding of the information being passed around the business, leading to a successful launch.

BBC Programmes
I joined the BBC full-time in 2008, and worked for two years on the /programmes platform, where I cut my teeth on the understanding of linked data and the semantic web. Over the course of the two years, I became the Senior Information Architect responsible for the development of /programmes, including the chapterisation functionality, as well as providing consultation services across the BBC on programme information (a role which I still perform). During this time, I began to investigate taking a similar approach to stories and fiction, which led to…

The Mythology Engine
Described in more detail via the link above.

BBC Knowledge and Learning
In April 2010, I moved over to the BBC’s Knowledge & Learning projects, since which time I’ve helped shape the development of the forthcoming Knowledge & Learning product, with a particular focus on UX and storytelling across the BBC. I’ve deployed these approaches, along with the Domain Driven Design methodology, to projects such as Your Paintings and Battle of Britain.

Described in more detail via the link above.

BBC Travel News

From September 2012 to March 2013, I worked on the refresh of the BBC’s online Travel News service. I acted as UX Lead, guiding a small UX team, liaising with developers, technical architects and product managers to define and build a new offering. I also assisted in the procurement process for the BBC’s travel data suppliers, and worked with them directly to define and manage the data structures and feeds that power the site. I continue to provide occasional consultancy for this work.

Linked Data Ontologies

As part of my work with Linked Data, I’ve authored and co-authored a number of ontologies, including:

The Stories Ontology 

The Storyline Ontology

Building upon the work done in 2009-2010 on fictional and historical narrative, I have assisted the BBC News team in creating the News Storyline Ontology, which is a key element of the BBC’s future News strategy. I also worked with developers and designers to prototype linked data powered local news indexes, advising on conceptual design, information architecture and undertaking business analysis tasks.

A Curriculum Ontology – one of the precursors to the official BBC Curriculum Ontology

A Comics Ontology


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